Automate departmental budget tracking.
We help FP&A provide scalable departmental budget tracking for every employee in the organization.
Turn any budget line into a separately managed budget.
Track specific projects or sub-teams' spending by turning any budget line into a granular budget. As your team adds actuals, you'll see that tracking reflected in your main budget. If you want details, click into the budget line to see them. Otherwise, keep them hidden from your view.
Quickly identify problematic expenses.
Get an at-a-glance view into which budget lines are over or under so that you can quickly take action to get your spending on track.
Drill in to see how your
employees are spending to plan.
Analyze your budget by employee to understand who is spending off-plan and why.
Connect to your ERP for
simplified tracking.
Put tracking on autopilot by connecting Cobbler directly to your ERP. As actuals hit your system, your team will see them reflected in their budgets.