Automate any repetitive finance workflow
Cobbler is an AI Finance employee who can to build processes that deliver work in slides or spreadsheets. Customers use Cobbler to create documents explaining sales flash, budget variance, flux analysis, or data cleanup.
We do more than export data. Cobbler understands the data, runs complex processes, and writes thoughtful commentary explaining what's happening.
How it works
80% of finance's work is repetitive. Use Cobbler to manage these repetitive workflows for you so you can focus on more strategic goals.
Connect to your data
We connect to your existing financial data including the planning tool, ERP, HRIS, data warehouse, or any CSV.
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Set up routines
Just like an employee builds and manages processes for the organization, Cobbler can run complex routines like variance analysis, flux analysis, or data clean up off of the data sets that you care about.
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We deliver thoughtful documents
Cobbler creates in-depth slide decks and Google sheets managing these repetitive workflows in just minutes.
Talk to sales
AI-driven expertise
We use best of breed LLMs to apply human-like reasoning to the work that you manage through Cobbler.
More than just a Copilot
Copilots help you move faster, but they still require you to do all the heavy lifting. Cobbler works as an employee, doing work on your behalf even while you're sleeping. Onboard Cobbler to fully transition work off your plate.
Security first
Cobbler is SOC 2 Type II certified and can work with any SAML provider.