You need better financial data. Cobbler can help.
We help finance teams automate budget variance analysis and correct miscoded accounting data before the close.
Automate tracking
Adjust for forecasts
Detect miscoded data
If you have one team or 1,000, Cobbler automates budget variance analysis without additional work from finance.
Enable bottoms-up forecasting for your team to ensure that you are building a more accurate forecast.
Cobbler's AI detects miscoded accounting data so that you can correct it before the month close.
Expect more out of the box
Easily dig into your data with automatic drill-down detail,
vendor reports, and user-friendly dashboards.
Adjust for forecasts
Budget increase or decrease? Easily identify any budgets that haven't updated their plan.
Detect anomalies
Automated insights help users catch any unusual behavior in their financial data.
Real-time financial data
Integrate your existing financial systems into Cobbler to ensure your data is exact.
Security First
Cobbler is SOC 2 Type II certified and can work with any SAML provider.