Finance Copilot

Ask questions about your business's finances. Get answers in seconds.

Our Finance Copilot helps understaffed and over-extended finance teams get answers to the business's financial questions in real-time.

GPT, meet Finance
Cobbler's Finance Copilot is built on top of our proprietary data model and OpenAI to help the business ask natural language questions about their finances and receive instant analysis.

Deliver deeper analysis than you can create in a dashboard

Our Finance Copilot can go deeper than just telling you how you performed against your budget. We can also tell you why. Did you purchase software that was unplanned? Did you move forward hiring in a department, or did you hire people for higher salaries than you expected?
Free up your finance team to focus on strategy
Let Copilot do the grunt work. The average finance team spends 80% of its time on manual analysis and repetitive reporting.
"The time saved for us is huge. Copilot can easily do the work of 1-2 FP&A analysts."
Give everyone in the business access to a personal FP&A analyst
Our Finance Copilot knows exactly which permissions each user has. Our AI-based financial analyst is available 24/7 to answer questions about your finances and to deliver real-time reports with the exact data that each user has access to see.
Instant charts customized with your brand colors
In addition to answering your questions, our GPT-based FP&A analyst will generate a chart in your brand colors that you can immediately drop into an email or presentation.

Download your data to Excel

Every table is easily downloadable into Excel or CSV for further analysis.
How it works
Get started with Cobbler's AI-based FP&A analyst.
  • Connect your data
    Connect Cobbler to your most important data across accounting systems, such as NetSuite, Xero, Quickbooks, and Sage Intacct; your payroll systems, such as Workday, ADP, Gusto, BambooHr, and Namely; and planning systems like Anaplan or Excel.
  • Build your plan
    Build and manage annual budgets and financial forecasts in Cobbler's no-code interface. This provides visibility to non-finance team members in a safe and secure way.
  • Ask your financial questions
    Query progress against those plans with our interface built on GPT. Ask questions like, "How much budget do I have for headcount this quarter?" And "How has my vendor spend changed year over year?"
  • Get exportable data
    Cobbler will answer your question with the data summarized in a table that's exportable to Excel and an easy-to-download chart that you can drop directly into an email or presentation.
Schedule a demo
Schedule a call with sales to learn more about our AI-driven FP&A Analyst.