Headcount planning

70-90% of companies' budgets are spent on people, but forecasting headcount is still a nightmare. Cobbler is the easy way for finance teams to collaborate with business leaders, Talent and HR on managing your workforce.
Connect with the systems you love
Cobbler's headcount planning module integrates with over 100 payroll and HR systems to show you how you're hiring against your hiring plan and the impact to your budget or forecast.

People data is sensitive

Cobbler makes it easy to grant granular access so business leaders can manage their teams without the risk of seeing data they shouldn't. Finance & HR teams love that they no longer have to spend time managing multiple versions of multiple spreadsheets to get the workforce the data they need.
Keep up with changing data
The moment you download your workforce data, it's already out of date: someone gets promoted, someone leaves the company, hiring happens early or late. Cobbler maintains these changes, automatically closes out open requisitions when a new employee is hired, and syncs it all directly with the forecast.
Detailed reporting
Cobbler gives detailed reporting without complicated Excel formulas. View exact salaries, all-in costs for employees, hiring velocity, salary variance, attrition costs, and more—all down to an employee's exact start date.
Easy to update when plans change
Your plan will change. We make it easy to update and to track. Add and edit employees in your model one by one or using bulk rules. And keep track of churn and decisions around backfills.
Schedule a demo
Chat with an FP&A partner to see how Cobbler can help you build a more robust headcount plan.